They May be Bohemian (Poll)


Heres something fun to play with.

Who may be a Bohemian out there? Are you?
First up, the iconic singer from Iceland, Bjork

Bjork was born in Iceland (look up what year and you may be as surprised as i was), and is a true international star. Her songs are unmistakable and her strongly independent views on life are inspiring. She wore a dress a friend of hers made for her to attend the Academy Awards, and it was very cool, typically Bork and the honest humble way she proudly showed it off with clear affection to her friend was touching.

Of course the Hollywood media went nuts!

PS I voted YES!


Zack Snyders’ Sucker Punch

Probably the most visually stunning movie of 2011, Snyder’s movie Sucker Punch was both loathed and loved and destined to the Cult Classic tagline. Not surprisingly, the movie did much better internationally than in the USA as most movies with such audience requirement to open-mindedness usually receive a poor reception from the critical elite who review them here. Trust me they get a lashing from foreign critics too, but that usually drives up audience numbers in many other countries.

Snyder has a truly wild imagination, technical expertise and passion that shows in his films that include 300 and the Watchmen. Love it or hate it, the cinematic, styling and score created quite a mesmerizing sensual experience. The issues came when people tried to get a grasp on the plot. Was it thin overtly sexual dribble? Or, was it a complex journey into empowerment, and the mind of a tragic life?

Lots to ponder and as usual I apologize for a brief post on something I wish I had more time for. For now, just enjoy the clip and check the flick out if you haven’t yet. For me, the title set the expectation for low, but I ended up watching it three times on DVD, but still needed to read that the Blue Ray version has all the “missing” scenes that make the plot more fluid. I enjoyed the concept but felt the theatrical release left me a bit lost and I still don’t like the title.

Still, with another favorite stylish movie directors Chris Nolan’s (Dark Knight, Inception) guidance on his next project (Man of Steel 2013), I’m looking forward to the results of that collaboration.

Wiki Link: Sucker Punch Movie

Expression in modern music

This is a great topic I’m excited to get into soon.

Really, to me at least, woman performers have set the highest overall plateau  in expression in music for a while. And the first thing I’ll be posting my views on and more. From Ani DiFranco to Bjork, to Janis Joplin, and rising cult star Kerli will all be discussed along with others in brief and more detail as time permits.

The Taboo…

Religion and Politics.
My father told me to always avoid that subjects in company. He was right to and especially so in todays “heated” polarization in the USA. Having said that, I’m going to say a few things of my personal views. Forgive me dad.

It seems to me that we have forgotten that the rights of all men are to be equal and we should strive to that end. It is not a tolerant view to be so strongly opposed to others of a different view than yours, that you in turn are the more intolerant person. We are barraged from media sources on all fronts on how to think, dress, behave and even prioritize our lives.

Point is, politicians aren't beacons of good reason

I don’t believe being of a political, religious or “most” social viewpoints immediately cubby-holes you into a persona usually most animatedly described by that of the polar opposite beliefs. Convictions are a dangerous thing if they over ride any ability to empathize or see beyond what others have told you.

For my own part I think the mantra “We are a nation of laws” is upsetting. Our political leadership play games with matters that are personal decision and not a matter of these brilliant people to tell us they know better. Your beliefs are a guide to make your decisions in a matter of  abortion or right to life, alternate lifetsyles, choice of education, views on what goverment is, or is not. It should not be a matter for elected officials eager to get a good turn out on election day to tell us or even worse, MAKE us believe any set way of things in life. I don’t want to tell anyone what is right in those most personal matters that often shape a person. It’s what you think that matters, but only to your own decisions. Don’t be so arrogant to force it on others.
If you are a practicing member of a religious or belief system wich includes doctrine on a matter than you make your own decision to follow that path or leave it. Do not blame the ideology that you can not be at peace with. Instead; do the right thing.

Most matters of social importance are personal decision and should not be a matter of law. All men are created equal. Its that simple.

I only used examples here so please don’t take it out of context and it its entirely my own viewpoint. There will be much more on the “Taboos” to come.

Bohemian Definition

File:Pierre-Auguste Renoir - En été (La Bohémienne).jpg

Pierre-Auguste Renoir - En été (La Bohémienne)

Wikipedia defines a Bohemian as

A Bohemian (/bəʊˈhiːmɪən) is a resident of the former Kingdom of Bohemia, either in a narrow sense as the region of Bohemia proper or in a wider meaning as the whole country, now known as the Czech Republic.

More to the matter

Bohemianism is the practice of an unconventional lifestyle, often in the company of like-minded people, with few permanent ties, involving musical, artistic or literary pursuits. In this context, Bohemians can be wanderers, adventurers, or vagabonds.

My parents both called me that when I was very young, and though I didn’t really understand it (and they obviously meant it in a dissaproving manner) I liked the sound of it. Many years later after my military time I was again free to express my own style and again I had more than one occassion I people refered to me with this description.

I suppose I liked the sound of it still but was somewhat against being “labeled” so I showed as little interest as possible in encouraging that. However, it has stuck and mow I seem to be at ease with it, so hence this blogs name.

Whats this all about?

Iv’e been around a lot longer than I would have guessed when a much younger man, and that you know (or will discover yourself one day) leads to a time for introspection. This isn’t that time for me…

This isnt where I go on about me or my life but, instead introduce you to a broad world of  concepts and creativity, wonders and inspirations I have discovered. I’ll have a few comments on many of these topics and look forward to yours. We may not always agree, but I like to read others perspectives and hope that at a time when often the world around us seem much smaller and fewer people ever really feel there is little undiscovered or you are brave enough to empbrace contemplating something you may now have seen, heard or felt before without fear of feeling radical or caring people may think you are weird. Then I hope I hit the mark in the broad idea of this blog and look forward to starting this new adventure for this aging bohemian.