Be Enchanted by Life

Julie has a new Blog that is there to get the grey matter going in the right direction and you should drop by and see.
Julie Catherine posted this today, and frankly, I can’t think of a better or more positive few words for the day..

Be Enchanted by Life.

Be enchanted by life; let its depths consume you, its heights transport you — live life fully engaged, not merely as an observant bystander with a hollow core. Fill yourself. Overflow. Be connected. Allow yourself to feel horror, rage, despair and sorrow; let it seep into the marrows of your bones. Feel the wounds. Weep, and allow yourself to be cleansed by your tears. See the magic of life around you. Hear beauty. Allow yourself to feel an abundance of gratitude, of love, of kindness — of goodness. Let your soul transcend complacency and connect with your universe and all its environs. Weep, and allow your spirit to be uplifted by your joy.  Be enchanted by life.

That should inspire and calm a troubled heart for the day.. and to make you smile…

The Video promotes T-shirt sales to help the SPCA. If you take time to follow the link to the original video, you will be quite impressed at the detail in the audio engineering in this (you can hear the dog breathing on the mic when he gets real close and voice echo as his head turns). Also, the more times you watch, the funnier it gets somehow. I apologize if YouTube slots an ad in first, but its worth that to see this if you havent.

Yet more to pass along for inspiration and new piece for many of you prompted by the title link above (READ IT YET?)

The EPIC Genre I guess you may call it. Lots more on this subject but for now, here’s an example from composer Thomas Bergersen of Two Steps from Hell.

Dont tell me you didn’t create some story in your head to fit this?


One thought on “Be Enchanted by Life

  1. Old Wolf says:

    Note to self. Use spell check!
    It is tragic how many times I typoed “T-Shirt”

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