Inspirations are all around…

I walk to catch a bus to work most days.
It’s the best part of the day every time. Covens of crows flying overhead, the character of faces that pass on the sidewalk. The smells, of new cut grass or blossoming plants and trees. I love the smell of honey suckle I’ve discovered. More birds and their songs. The burst into what we used to call the “Dawn Chorus” when I was kid at sunrise.
You miss most of this driving. It’s why I walk the miles some times. Weird really as I’m more a night-hawk and hate to get up early, but the reward…

When you watch Discovery, Nat Geo, BBC, etc specials and think about how cool that is to see the world like that; well, guess what. Its outside your door. You don’t need to see life on a 48″ LED. Its right outside that door and it doesn’t matter if you live rural or urban. You just need to open your eyes.


On my mini urban Safari I’ve discovered the junk yard dogs that protect a local auto yard, and nurtured a great friendship with them that’s drawn nome neighbourhood notoriety. These dogs DO NOT like strangers, but line up for nose rubs from me any time I come by.

Crows and Ravens. Wow, they really ARE smart.

The smell of the bakery I pass as they load up trucks to ship out still hot bread in the morning. Theres a fellow I pass almost every time. We are almost like old friends. His deeply lined face and serious look just brightens as we pass with a nod and finger wave.
I cross the river as the mists that swirl just above the surface paint shapes like a small world in some artists mind looking for a medium to solidify.

The sound of a squirrel as he puffs up and wags his tail at me disapprovingly. I’m in his turf and he’ll defend it till I get within 6 feet. then he’s out of here. Good for him I don’t like acorns.

The colors change with the seasons. I’m not botanist but I smile as some brightly colored flower pops out of a wall or a tree suddenly has flowers. A Tree has flowers? Yes they do!

A few years back there was a street dog who showed uncanny street sense. I named him “Taz” like the Tasmanian devil in the old bugs bunny cartoons as he has these wild markings was very stout and looked like he could bite a deer in half with his wide jaws. He would never let me take him home but would walk with me for a bit. I really liked that.

You dont need to load the car like you are going to the amazon for 6 months and drive 4 hours to a national park. Just leave the car and walk to the store next time.

Tell me what you saw, heard, felt and mostly what did you do with that inspiration?


One thought on “Inspirations are all around…

  1. Julie Catherine says:

    I enjoyed your walk with you – you allowed me to see and experience your world in such a wonderful way. I am a morning person and miss those long walks so much. I am disabled now and unable to do so many of the things I used to, including walking. It’s posts like this that give me back that incredible feeling of seeing life with fresh eyes every day; and I am grateful to you for this gift today. ~ Julie 🙂

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