Repression isn’t nice…but its very real

I really am surprised I’m talking political here again, but this seems to be something that forces itself into the arts and every day life of us all, wether we like it or not.

The BBC reported
Czech author Josef Skvorecky, who took a stand against communist authorities in his native country by publishing banned works, has died aged 87.
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Im being repressed!

Earlier in 2011 Actress Mila Kunis (born in Chernivtsi in the Ukrainian SSR) made her views on Communism as a failed system, and singer-songwriter Kerli’s (Born in Estonia) story of life in the USR is both sad and inspiring at once. It makes clear the complete repression of arts is as intense as the more reported religious repression.

Now China again reminds all who think they are so much nicer now, just what they are all about is more clear with an announcement that entertainment programming will be cut by two-thirds on their TV stations (BBC Report). That’s right, that’s how it works in those countries. The government says what you can do, what you can be and even what you can watch, say, wear, etc

Few years back, Bjork made the Chinese government very sad

In 2008, Björk set off an international controversy after she dedicated “Declare Independence” to the Tibet freedom movement during a Shanghai concert, chanting “Tibet! Tibet!” during the song. China’s Culture Ministry issued a denunciation through state news agency Xinhua stating that Björk “broke Chinese law” and “hurt Chinese people’s feelings”, and pledged to further tighten control over foreign artists performing in China. A later statement accused Björk of “whipping up ethnic hatred

General feeling I saw in our press about this was a combination of dismissive to faux elitist comments on nativity of Bjork. I mean, the Chinese are our friends now right?

Dont get warm and fuzzy feelings about anywhere that stomps on freedoms. It’s easy to forget about how horribad it can be, while we push back against our own governments attempts at social engineering.

Oh, it would be very remiss not to mention that Communist countries don’t hold a monopoly in such repression. Look at countries with extreme religious systems. Need a hint? Iran, and even Saudi Arabia. Many Mid-East countries get a virtual pass in opinion as they “aren’t as bad as Iran”. That’s not good enough.

Which leads us to home. Hey! We are way better than those guys! Well, yes, but only as long as we, the people continue to push back. The apathy that was pervasive for the last two decades seems to be receding as people are starting to say “Enough is enough”. I fear that its been replaced by “polarization” which is pretty frustrating.
Republican Newt Gingrich was set-upon for comments

“I don’t think right-wing social engineering is any more desirable than left-wing social engineering. I don’t think imposing radical change from the right or the left is a very good way for a free society to operate. I think we need a national conversation to get to a better Medicare system with more choices for seniors,” Gingrich said.

Weird thing to see, but a politician saying something true. Go figure. Of course he was then ravaged by outraged “right ring” and “left-wing” social engineers. Silly rabbit.

 So as I stated in the blogs opening. Listen, ponder and make your own opinions. There is no disgrace in being an individual, its your right as a living human being. Don’t be afraid, try it, you’ll be amazed at the weight it takes off your heart.

Be thankful for the freedoms you do have, but don’t think for a second people in power will not crush them in a second to get a more “cooperative” populace.



7 thoughts on “Repression isn’t nice…but its very real

  1. Repression always seems to be a stronger motivation than encouragement, in human nature. There is just something about being aware of the presence of another human being that sets that off. In a cultural context, any change in circumstance is counted as danger, until proven otherwise.

    • Old Wolf says:

      Actually I dont agree with that George. I dont think its a natural reaction to repress as an individual. Individuals tend toward influence (Like me, Fear me, ignore me, etc) or even manipulation (Let me have your stuff). Groups seeking to maintain power. i.e. Street gangs or Governments. No difference, tend to repress those they wish to control.

  2. Old Wolf says:

    Umm, were you trying to post a comment George?
    Thanks for visiting 🙂

  3. Julie Catherine says:

    I agree totally with your statement that countries that get a virtual pass because they aren’t as bad as some others is not good enough. I live in Canada, and am very grateful that we have the freedoms we have – keeping in mind that politics can affect the flow of human rights very quickly if we as a people are not vigilant in making sure that they are ensured. I’m probably very politically naive, but have always followed my own path and instincts – and would rather err on the side of humanity. Very good article that makes you think; I enjoyed reading it. ~ Julie

  4. I do find it weird that the most “free” countries, in terms of tolerance toward individual liberty and behavior, and free, uncensored press, are socialist countries like the Netherlands, Denmark, and Sweden. Oh, Iceland too, where Bjork’s from. Places with the government heavily involved in regulating social welfare and every industry, where the individual’s tax burden is higher than ours has ever been. I do like the flavor of American individualism very much, and I’m used to living here, but I have to wonder sometimes if our sense of freedom is a movie plotline we’ve been dazzled by.

    I liked reading this, and thinking about the topic, Wolf.

    • Old Wolf says:

      And Im home again. Tired tired, however, I have to say thanks to Mikey for his comments. Also, I urge anyone reading these to visit his blog. Id never heard of him 48 hours ago, and am so pleased to say I do now. I urge you sit at your most confortable place to read, get your favorite beverage and take time to read his really impressive, researched and provoking blog. Then, show him the courtesy I ask of visitors here, and take time to make a comment. Be honest and know what you are talking about.

      BTW Mikey, I have issue with your paragraph about the holocaust in your latest and am also annoyed more havent commented on the overall blog post. Its a great one. Ill get over there and explain myself when my brain starts working again. 🙂

      Anyways, yes you are right about the correlation. I was born in the USA but I grew up in the UK where at “Speakers Corner” right down the street you can rail against a democratic monarchy, call for revolution and I’ve hear much worse! Oddly enough, its ok to do so. Free speach only exists in the USA though right? Imagine getting up on a milk crate outside the White House and calling for the presidents head on a plate, denouncing the constitution, and calling for a revolt. We’d be shot! lol

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