Whats this all about?

Iv’e been around a lot longer than I would have guessed when a much younger man, and that you know (or will discover yourself one day) leads to a time for introspection. This isn’t that time for me…

This isnt where I go on about me or my life but, instead introduce you to a broad world of  concepts and creativity, wonders and inspirations I have discovered. I’ll have a few comments on many of these topics and look forward to yours. We may not always agree, but I like to read others perspectives and hope that at a time when often the world around us seem much smaller and fewer people ever really feel there is little undiscovered or you are brave enough to empbrace contemplating something you may now have seen, heard or felt before without fear of feeling radical or caring people may think you are weird. Then I hope I hit the mark in the broad idea of this blog and look forward to starting this new adventure for this aging bohemian.


4 thoughts on “Whats this all about?

  1. Julie Catherine says:

    I really like your concept; it’s interesting and unique – and I look forward to coming back often to find out what new things you’re doing here. 🙂

    • Old Wolf says:

      Thanks Julie! Like your blog, its just getting started but I wish you the very best and hope we both find time to nurture these things to a sense of some achievment haha

  2. wolvshadow says:

    I did quite enjoy this blog and i look forward to seeing our conversations and reading this blog.

    Stay sane
    The Musical Slut

  3. Old Wolf says:

    Thanks you little sister wolf haha

    Looking forward to your next review. I still think Jean Baptiste is messing up :p

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