The Taboo…

Religion and Politics.
My father told me to always avoid that subjects in company. He was right to and especially so in todays “heated” polarization in the USA. Having said that, I’m going to say a few things of my personal views. Forgive me dad.

It seems to me that we have forgotten that the rights of all men are to be equal and we should strive to that end. It is not a tolerant view to be so strongly opposed to others of a different view than yours, that you in turn are the more intolerant person. We are barraged from media sources on all fronts on how to think, dress, behave and even prioritize our lives.

Point is, politicians aren't beacons of good reason

I don’t believe being of a political, religious or “most” social viewpoints immediately cubby-holes you into a persona usually most animatedly described by that of the polar opposite beliefs. Convictions are a dangerous thing if they over ride any ability to empathize or see beyond what others have told you.

For my own part I think the mantra “We are a nation of laws” is upsetting. Our political leadership play games with matters that are personal decision and not a matter of these brilliant people to tell us they know better. Your beliefs are a guide to make your decisions in a matter of  abortion or right to life, alternate lifetsyles, choice of education, views on what goverment is, or is not. It should not be a matter for elected officials eager to get a good turn out on election day to tell us or even worse, MAKE us believe any set way of things in life. I don’t want to tell anyone what is right in those most personal matters that often shape a person. It’s what you think that matters, but only to your own decisions. Don’t be so arrogant to force it on others.
If you are a practicing member of a religious or belief system wich includes doctrine on a matter than you make your own decision to follow that path or leave it. Do not blame the ideology that you can not be at peace with. Instead; do the right thing.

Most matters of social importance are personal decision and should not be a matter of law. All men are created equal. Its that simple.

I only used examples here so please don’t take it out of context and it its entirely my own viewpoint. There will be much more on the “Taboos” to come.


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