Zack Snyders’ Sucker Punch

Probably the most visually stunning movie of 2011, Snyder’s movie Sucker Punch was both loathed and loved and destined to the Cult Classic tagline. Not surprisingly, the movie did much better internationally than in the USA as most movies with such audience requirement to open-mindedness usually receive a poor reception from the critical elite who review them here. Trust me they get a lashing from foreign critics too, but that usually drives up audience numbers in many other countries.

Snyder has a truly wild imagination, technical expertise and passion that shows in his films that include 300 and the Watchmen. Love it or hate it, the cinematic, styling and score created quite a mesmerizing sensual experience. The issues came when people tried to get a grasp on the plot. Was it thin overtly sexual dribble? Or, was it a complex journey into empowerment, and the mind of a tragic life?

Lots to ponder and as usual I apologize for a brief post on something I wish I had more time for. For now, just enjoy the clip and check the flick out if you haven’t yet. For me, the title set the expectation for low, but I ended up watching it three times on DVD, but still needed to read that the Blue Ray version has all the “missing” scenes that make the plot more fluid. I enjoyed the concept but felt the theatrical release left me a bit lost and I still don’t like the title.

Still, with another favorite stylish movie directors Chris Nolan’s (Dark Knight, Inception) guidance on his next project (Man of Steel 2013), I’m looking forward to the results of that collaboration.

Wiki Link: Sucker Punch Movie


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