Is this really the way to elect a president?

I’m not picking on Republicans, The Democrats do the same things. It’s the process. I keep hearing that all the outrage over things that at times seem pretty mundane and over bloated claims to fix the universe etc are all part of our political process.


The grotesque amounts of money, the total lack of sincerity and ridiculous gamesmanship we see. No Mr President I’m not excluding you. I feel like a father whose son flunked college and got busted distributing kiddy porn. Disappointed and a bit sick.

Another thing while I’m on it. Why our politicians feel the absolute certainty that we know better than the rest of the world about everything. I’m sure the Brits are getting sick of references to the problems with the euro not being clearly defined as not part of the English currency. The English Pound is still stronger than our dollar. The Germans aren’t happy about the situation either and probably not enthusiastic that DC talks about Europe like one big Socialist commune.

Anyway, you in Iowa have my sympathy, but at least the barrage of media ads are about to desist, at last.

Some Clever fellow once quipped “Every country gets the government they deserve!”

Enjoy the rest of the year!


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